Batch 2229201

Radical transparency. Hyperlocal. Nutrient Dense.

All words thrown around by the industry and then… you’re not so sure what actually is happening. 

Not here- for every batch we produce, we promise to let you know the history of the ingredients, where they were produced, and the standards with which they were grown.

As we’re a new startup, not everything all the time will come from us, but we promise that we will let you know where it does come from and how it was grown or produced.

So here’s the ingredients (and story) behind batch 2229201

TurmericFarm On Central
GarlicFarm On Central
GingerFarm On Central
OnionMile Creek Farm, Certified Organic 13 miles)
LemonCertified Organic
JalapenoFarm On Central
HorseradishFarm On Central
SageFarm On Central
RosemaryFarm On Central
ThymeFarm On Central
HoneyHumble Bumble (Farm On Central produced)
ACV (Apple Cider VinegarCertified organic, with Mother
Pablano PeppersFarm On Central

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