Our Mission, Vision , and Values

Before the dominance of drugstore aisles, our ancestors relied on the family medicine chest, brimming with natural remedies that worked in harmony with our bodies. These herbal supplements, rooted in tradition, served as allies for true wellness, a philosophy we embrace wholeheartedly at Farmstead Wellness.

We’re constantly striving for excellence. Our soils are enriched with micro-nutrients, prebiotics, and ample leaf compost, and we test our crops consistently, working to make our crops exceptionally nutrient-dense. We don’t just review our formulations for quality; we delve into hours of study to ensure they are as powerful and effective as possible, embracing a holistic, non-synthetic approach to health and wellness.

Farmstead Wellness is more than just a brand; it’s a community. We test our products on ourselves, our families, and yes, even our friends and neighbors. This community-tested approach ensures that each product is not only effective but also safe and trustworthy.

Experience the Farmstead Wellness difference. Dive into a world where wellness is natural, transparent, and rooted in community values.

Our Values

Love the land: Live your life (encouraging you and seeing you succeed through that investment) - Stewardship through sustainability

Seek connection:Value community - Be yourself (Be part of the bigger picture but find your niche of what you are/do/offer and own it!)

Imagine and innovate through intentional education

Think globally, act locally​

Excellence in education

Think different

Prioritize family

Facilitate dreams​

Food chain Independance

Growth through service

IGYB: I Got Your Back

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