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Bare Root Strawberry plants

$15.00 $23.00

We have run out of stock for this item.

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Our planting season has concluded, and we find ourselves with an excess of robust, bare root strawberry plants direct from Nourse. These plants are integral to our annual bed system, planted meticulously on plastic to minimize weed pressure and optimize moisture retention. They play a crucial role in our "Season Extension" strategy, allowing us to enjoy an additional 2-3 weeks of fruitful berry production each year.

Available Varieties:

  • Cabot: New to our selection this year, Cabot is known for producing exceptionally large and flavorful berries. It is a highly popular choice among growers for its firm and vibrant red fruit.
  • Galletta: A tried-and-true favorite from last year, Galletta is an early-season variety, known for its sweet, juicy, and high-quality berries.
  • AC Valley: Another favorite from previous seasons, AC Valley is celebrated for its consistent yield and disease resistance. This variety produces vibrant, delicious berries that are perfect for fresh eating or processing.

Pricing Structure:

  • Bundle of 25 plants: $15
  • Orders of 200+ plants: Receive a 10% discount
  • Orders of 500+ plants: Receive a 30% discount
  • **discount will auto apply when added to cart.

Shipping Information:

  • Shipping is billed at cost, with no added fees.
  • Priority shipping typically runs $50 per 500 plants.
  • We carefully package our plants to ensure they arrive at your doorstep in excellent condition.

Our plants are conventionally grown with the utmost care by Nourse and stored in our coolers, and we are confident they will thrive in your garden or farm, extending your strawberry season and maximizing your yield.