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Grown organically in Carlisle, OH

Natural wellness with a story you can trust

Farm to Bottle

We grow as many of the ingredients of our products as possible!

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Natural Ingredients

Grown on our farm or sourced from organic farms we trust.

A True Family Farm

Meet the Kilpatrick family!

From our family to yours, we're always looking for ways to live healthier, happier, and more naturally.

To that end, we're passionate about growing an abundance of medicinal foods and herbs. Our products are full of ingredients that have natural immune-boosting properties, extracted from plants we grow or have sourced from farms we trust.

All of our wellness products are ones we use in our own home. We're excited to share our farm-grown wellness collection with you!

First time shopping with us?

We are a Private Membership Association

Our farmstead wellness line is available exclusively within our private membership.

As a Private Member Association (PMA), we can provide you with the best natural products, free from government restrictions and regulations.

We’re more empowered than ever to do business the way we want, when we want to. You and me.  Our community together.

If it's your first time shopping with us, you will need to sign a membership agreement to receive all the benefits and protections of a PMA. There is a one-time $5 membership fee.

The Farm on Central

572 Central Ave

Carlisle OH, 45005

Tuesday through Friday 10-7 Saturday: 10am - 5pm