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Join the PMA

Welcome to Farmstead Wellness, a product line from the Farm on Central!

We operate as a PMA (Private Membership Association). Therefore, our products are for members only.


How to Join

Ready to start shopping with us? Joining our membership is easy!

You're just a few steps away from a lifetime of shopping with us.

  1. Click here to purchase your $5 membership
  2. Click "SIGN & ADD TO CART"
  3. Sign the membership waiver
  4. Create an account with us
  5. Finish your $5 membership fee checkout
  6. Start shopping with us!



This link will take you straight to the $5 membership enrollment.


Why Are We a Private Membership?

Sadly, the government makes it extremely difficult for small farms to do business. By operating as a membership, we can cut out a lot of the red tape and focus on providing the best for our customers, instead of pouring our time and money into meeting government standards.

As a PMA, we can provide you with the best natural products, free from government restrictions and regulations.


What We Believe

We believe in your right to transparency and accountability, giving you the power to choose natural, farm-grown products without dealing with unnecessary bureaucracy and government oversight.

We’re more empowered to do business the way we want, from our farm to your door, without interference.


Why Join the PMA?

You’ll enjoy exclusive access to the private members-only store, with all of our Farmstead Wellness products. You'll also be added to our Farm on Central membership if you ever get the chance to come shop with us on location!

As a PMA, our farm operates directly for you, our members. We maintain rigorous safety and quality standards through a close, transparent relationship. Our 24/7/365 open-door policy allows members to visit the farm, observe our practices firsthand, and ask questions about their food production.


Have Any Questions?

If you're not sure about joining, or you have questions about the Farm on Central, you're welcome to contact us! Just email us at hello@central.farm, or go to our contact page to leave a message.