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How to use Fire Cider

How to Use Fire Cider


Fire cider helps with cold and flu symptoms, boosts the immune system, and can help aid with digestion, but how to take it?


Chris said: I just take it straight- find the flavor nice and spicy


Danny says even his 4 year old grandson drains the glass every morning along with his fermented honey ginger!!


Standard Protocol

Most folks take 1-2 tablespoons at a time, up to 4 times a day when feeling the crud come on. Maintenance dosing is a tablespoon every day, although some will alternate it with elderberry syrup. 


We take it whenever we feel we are getting a cold, sore throat, the rona, flu, or respiratory illness. It can also be good for breaking up any nasal congestion, especially the Super Sassy!


Other ways to use it are:


Diluted a Bit ~ For kids or the not so adventurous among us, we tend to mix 50/50 with elderberry syrup or any juice (grape is a favorite as it tends to also settle the tummy)


As a Tea ~ Diluted with honey, or honey water as a tea. This can be good for sipping throughout the day if you are under the weather. Check out our Ginger Tea as a great base.


As a Hot Toddy ~ go ahead, drop some in hot water with whiskey, lemon and honey - enjoy while also boosting your health!


As a Marinade ~ we are still experimenting with this idea, but we’ve heard its delicious and tenderizes the meat as well.


As a Salad Dressing ~ we enjoy this with salad every week- we mix with olive oil, some mustard, salt and thyme, some may mx in some additional honey as well. Toss this with greens, Parmesan, bacon and candied nuts for a real treat! 


Bonus: Our fire cider dust is great as a sprinkle in soups or on top of roasted root veggies!



There you have it! If you have a unique way that you take it we would love to feature it on our social media!!! After all, it's the medicine of the people!