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Freestone Peaches- 1/2 bushel box


We have run out of stock for this item.

For more information please contact us by Clicking Here

Bulk Peach Pre-Order Now Available!! Please read the entire description carefully!! The southern Peach crop was decimated this year by late freezes and only had 6% of a normal crop, yes 6%!   Thankfully, we've cultivated connections with one of the orchards and begged a few pallets this year. The price is higher than last year reflecting that scarcity.

The Princess Freestone Peaches are grown with an immense amount of care and love to by our friends down at Lane Orchards in Georgia. Every peach boasts a vibrant orange-red hue and a silky, fuzzed skin that hints at the juicy, sweet-tart goodness inside.

This is the ONLY bulk order of peaches that we know of this year, so make sure to order ASAP.

A 1/2 bushel is around 25# of fruit, providing you with ample produce for all your culinary desires. Whether you're keen to craft a classic peach pie, churn out some homemade peach ice cream, or simply enjoy a fresh and juicy peach straight from the bushel, these are the perfect choice.

The freestone variety is ideal for those who value convenience. Unlike clingstone peaches, the pits of these fruits easily separate from the flesh, saving you time and effort during preparation. This feature makes our freestone peaches perfect for cooking, canning, and even for children who want to enjoy a fuss-free snack.

These peaches were picked Saturday, and are available for pickup starting this Wednesday afternoon, ensuring you the freshest fruits picked at the peak of ripeness. Enjoy the deliciousness of summer packed into every one of these delightful peaches.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to experience this summer delight. Pre-order now and enjoy the freshness, quality, and sweetness today!

Pickup should be anytime after Wednesday Noon, but wait to hear from us before you come just to make sure they did arrive!!!

Lane Orchards is a conventional orchard practicing Integrated Pest management, which means they spray only when they have to.