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PMA Membership


Welcome to our Farmstead Wellness collection!

We operate as a private membership, so our Farmstead Wellness line and any other products from the Farm on Central are available to members only.

Ready to join?

  1. Click "SIGN & ADD TO CART"
  2. Sign the membership waiver
  3. Create an account with us
  4. Finish your $5 membership fee checkout

Afterwards, you'll automatically have access to all of our Farmstead Wellness products and can shop at your leisure. (You may have to wait a few minutes or refresh the website after your purchase before you can access the products.)

Creating an account

If this is your first time shopping with us, you will be prompted to create an account before you can finish checking out.

After you create your account and checkout with your $5 membership, make sure to save your account details. You will only be able to view and checkout products if you are logged in with the same account you signed up with.

Welcome to the family!

Thanks for choosing to shop with us, and we're excited to welcome you as a new member!