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Premium Blueberry Plants

$17.00 $29.95
Fall is actually a really good time of year to put blueberries in the ground! Over the next month, they’ll put out roots, hunker down for the winter and be ready to take off in the spring!

What makes these plants different? Robust #1, 3 year old plants, straight from the nursery in Michigan. These are the exact plants that we put in for our U-pick field.  Size is 18" to 48" tops. Most nursuries only offer these as a premium-priced product to gardeners, but due to our bulk buying power, we are able to offer these at a great price!
As to the lateness of the year, its prime time to plant them NOW!


Arlen - firm, medium to large fruit size- 5-6 ft tall Late

Draper - firm but juicy- very sweet, forms clusters like grapes- Midseason

Sunrise - Upright, 5 ft tall, large fruit, easy to harvest

Blueray -  Upright, 4-6 ft tall, large fruit, firm, beautiful bushes, burgundy Red in fall Mid-season

Chanticlear -  Very Early- sweet, up to 6 ft tall, high brix